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Axanthia's Tomb is a dungeon level located in the desert on the side of a mountain. It is an expansive underground complex which features several puzzles ranging in difficulty. There are four "trials" of the dungeon, each with their own risks and rewards. At the end lies a boss fight, Axanthia, upon completion rewarding players two Lava Box Keys, Axanthia's Chestplate and some rare loot.

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Trial 1 - Sequence Puzzle

The first trial is fairly simple, however it may take some time to master. Players are led into a room with three pressure plates, each color coded with wool. The wool's color corresponds to a piston located inside the wall. A simple redstone repeated circuit can be observed, but not interacted with, and this serves as the "guide." Players must step on the pressure plates in time with the repeaters to complete the circuit from one end of the room to the other to open the door to the next room.

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Trial 2 - Explosion Parkour

This trial is fairly difficult and involves timing. Players are faced with a bridge which has deteriorated beyond repair, and they must jump across the remnants of it while being confronted with the threat of lava and certain death below. To make things more difficult, creepers slowly float down from the ceiling and will explode on contact, knocking players off the ledge to their doom. A tip from the testers is to complete the parkour in one swift move, so as to not trigger the creeper's fuses; that is, to not stop on any of the supports.

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Trial 3 - Spider Web Maze

This trial is more time-consuming than lethal; players must find their way out of a five-story maze made of spider webs. The maze is intentionally designed to confuse the player, however the same layout exists on each floor. It may be challenging to complete the puzzle in reverse, however this area mainly relies on the player's spatial reasoning and navigation skills.

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Trial 4 - Underwater Tunnel

This trial is a dimly-lit tunnel filled to brimming with water. Players are required to hold their breath for as long as they can, locating "air pockets" where they can breathe. It is not possible to cross the entire t

unnel without catching your breath, so in the interest of saving your health, we suggest you do it.

This is also a great place to gear up for what comes; in the air pockets lie chests of uncommon and rare loot.

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Trial 5 - Ender Parkour

This next trial is the most dangerous; it is a parkour challenge which utilizes Ender Pearls located in special chests. This trial consts of a large room filled with walls of sandstone. Players are required to throw the ender pearls in the direction of the next platform, taking care that they aim correctly or certain death will follow. Lava encompasses the entire floor, thus resulting in an environment unforgiving of mistakes.

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Final Boss - Axanthia

Axanthia is the final boss of the dungeon. He is a Stray equipped with two Stone Swords enchanted with Knockback 3. Axanthia's total HP clocks up to 80, or 40 hearts. Players must take caution as his arena is relatively small and features a lava pit which spawns additional zombies with infinite Fire Resistance from below.

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